Domain Tortochot, Owner in Gevrey Chambertin, Burgundy
Domain Tortochot in Gevrey Chambertin in Burgundy

2017 vintage

The year started early, with a winter with several days of below-freezing temperatures at around -10°C / -15°C (°F) but that was generally dry and windy.

Gevrey was lucky to escape the frost forecasted for April. From this time we will remember the outstanding collective effort of wine workers who have fought two night in a row, setting fire to bales of straw to create a smoke cloud protecting the vines from getting sunburnt by the first sunrays of the day on very cold plants.

The vines flowered at the beginning of June in good conditions and very quickly. The half-bloom stage was reached on the 10th of June. It only took a few days to go from the first flowers to the first grapes.

The weather conditions in May and June were very auspicious, hot and dry, keeping at bay diseases such as downy or powdery mildew.

In June, the temperature remained above 35°C for several consecutive days a few times.

July and August weren’t as hot as normally, but relatively sunny with some stormy spells. Luckily, the village of Gevrey escaped heavy storms and rains. Only one hailstones storm hit the adjacent village of Brochon and some vines in Morey-Saint-Denis on the 10th of July.

In these conditions, the vines have produced beautiful grapes, and the weather was ideal for the fruits to ripen well and quickly.

Our vines, especially those which suffered frost in 2016, are set to provide a good harvest this year.

In this end of August, the vines are very healthy, and the fruits have thick skin. Some vines are presenting signs of drought and are losing their bottom leaves.

The long-awaited rain came at the end of August to plump up the grapes.

Our first maturity tests have shown a natural alcohol content of 12°, thick skins, a good acidity, beautiful colours, delicate tannins, and ripe pips.

We have decided to start harvesting on the 9th of September in good conditions.

We are hoping that this year at last, we will fill our vats with a harvest of very good quality.

Vendanges 2017 au Domaine Tortochot

Vendanges 2017 au Domaine Tortochot

Vendanges 2017 au Domaine Tortochot

Vendanges 2017 au Domaine Tortochot

Vendanges 2017 au Domaine Tortochot

Vendanges 2017 au Domaine Tortochot

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