Domain Tortochot, Owner in Gevrey Chambertin, Burgundy
Domain Tortochot in Gevrey Chambertin in Burgundy

2009 vintage

Mazis Chambertin Domaine Tortochot

Winter 08/09 was harsh, but it allowed for the destruction of infections that are harmful to vineyards. The spring moisture helped resupply the water table;


Blooming began in Gevrey right at the beginning of June under excellent conditions, but the end spread out over ten or so days causing millerandage on certain lots.


Intense rains at the beginning of the summer in July caused sustained pressure from powdery and downy mildew. Thankfully, the months of August and September were hot and dry, which made it possible for the grapes, the health of which was well-monitored, to be brought to optimal maturity.


The water received at the beginning of the growing cycle favored progressive maturing without blocking, the winds from the North intensified the concentration of berries yet even further at the end of the cycle.


We harvested the grapes on the estate on September 12 in order to obtain a balance that was as close to possible to the maturity level of the berries;


Thus, all the conditions have been fulfilled to produce an exceptional vintage with healthy grapes, proper sugar maturity and an appropriate acid ratio, skin tannins and very mature seeds.


Therefore, there was not much sorting work to be done in the fermenting room. The first wines we tasted upon devatting had a pleasant fruit, great aromatic complexity, slight roasted notes resulting from an excellent phenolic maturity and a superior alcohol/acid ratio.


The textures are magnificent and the tannins fine and delicate.


The village elderly are already comparing it to the excellent vintages of 1959, 1989, 1999 to be continued...

Domaine Tortochot - 12 rue de l'Eglise - 21220 Gevrey-Chambertin - Tél. (+33)3 80 34 30 68
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