Domain Tortochot, Owner in Gevrey Chambertin, Burgundy
Domain Tortochot in Gevrey Chambertin in Burgundy

Grading vintages


Vintage Quality Guard Strengths Weaknesses
2021 15/20 Average Fruity, supple, elegant vintage, close to 2000, can be drunk in its prime. Low yields 22 hl/ha due to severe spring frost and poor weather conditions. Extremely small quantities.
2020 19/20 Good Very nice vintage. Concentrated wines due to the drought of summer. Approaches 2019 when tasting but with a touch of acidity in addition. Low yields 30 à 35 hl/ha due to the lack of water in summer, wines that can keep for several years.
2019 18/20 Good Very beautiful vintage, our wines are concentrated, well balanced with silky notes and a velvety touch. Low yields 35 hl / ha due to the concentration due to drought, wines to keep or to taste young on the fruit.
2018 16/20 Good Correct yields 48hl / ha. Beautiful materials. Balance of dreams. A great vintage. A vintage to keep. Reserved for big fans who have the patience to wait
2017 16/20 Good A solar year that gave very ripe grapes producing wines very pleasant, of great finesse, flexible, elegant with fine tannins. They can be drunk young or keep 5 to 10 years. The quantities produced 45 hl / ha are normal after several years of low yields.
2016 17/20 Good

Good maturity of the grapes, very healthy harvest, great concentration, delicate tannins, these wines will be very elegant and can be kept in the cellar or enjoyed young and fruity.

The produced quantities are very small, about 30 hl/ha, because of the frost at the end of April that largely impacted our vines. Grand Cru Chambertin was the hardest hit with only two vats produced.
2015 18/20 Good

Mature grapes, beautiful materials, perfect balance, wines that can be drunk young or we can keep in cellar during 15 years.

Limited quantities 38 hl/ha, due to the hot summer and concentration phenomena.
2014 15/20 Average

Mature grapes. Very fruity wines, delicate, drink in their youth. A normal harvest in quantities not seen since 2009.

2013 16/20 Average

Fine and delicate fruity wines that can be drunk young.

Even a small harvest in quantity (38 hl/h) because the passage flowers in spring was difficult causing sagging and millerandage.
2012 16/20 Average

Soft and fruity wine that can be drunk young.

Very fine red wines in small quantities: down 35% compared to a normal year like 2009.
2011 15/20 Average

Fine and delicate wines, with a good fruitiness, wines to delight lovers of Burgundy wines, wines that we will be able to drink young.

The harvest will again be a small one – down 20% on a normal year such as 2009.
2010 16/20 Good

very classic, good concentration, very present tannins and good quality, good level of acidity.

Small crop. Gel on the night of December 20, 2010, harvest down 40%
2009 18/20 Good

Wines very well balanced (acidity, alcohol, tannins), very complex, fine, supple tannins. Wines that you can drink after 5 years or keep in the cellar during the next 10 years.

2008 15/20 Good Fine Wine Classic. Beautiful fruit supported by fine acidity. Wines that will take some years.
2007 16/20 Average Fruity, charming, easy drinking young. Wines that will be drunk young.
2006 14/20 Average Wines that are full-bodied and already open. Severe sorting because picking is sometimes damaged by hail.
2005 19/20 Very Good Superb matter.
Perfect balance.
A great legendary vintage.
Wines you must wait for.
2004 15/20 Average Balanced and digestible wines.  
2003 18/20 Very Good Dense and full wines. Low yield (-40%)
2002 17/20 Very Good Exceptional.  
2001 15/20 Good Very good wines.  
2000 17/20 Average Very charming wines. Pleasant wines that should be drunk young.
1999 18/20 Good Brilliant wines with very good balance.  
1998 17/20 Good With body, but not as smooth as the 1997s.  
1997 17/20 Average Very ripe grapes producing extremely pleasant wines that should be drunk young. Supple wines that should be drunk young.
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