Domaine Tortochot, Propriétaire à Gevrey Chambertin, Bourgogne
Domaine Tortochot à Gevrey Chambertin en Bourgogne

Nos origines et notre histoire

Nos origines

Aussi loin que l'on puisse remonter dans le temps, on trouve un Tortochot, vigneron à Gevrey.
Au siècle dernier, le grand-père de Gabriel, Paul, était un petit vigneron de la Place des Marronniers.
Son fils, Félix, fonde famille avec Louise Liébaut de Morey. Les Liébaut sont bien connus, un plant de Pinot Noir porte leur nom en l'honneur de l'aïeul Eugène qui l'avait sélectionné. Fils de Félix, Gabriel exploite maintenant une douzaine d'hectares.


Eugène Liébaut, Grand-père maternel de Gabriel Eugène Liébaut
Grand-père maternel
de Gabriel
Mathilde Tortochot, Soeur de Félix TortochotMathilde Tortochot
Soeur de Félix Tortochot
Félix Tortochot, Père de Gabriel TortochotFélix Tortochot
Père de Gabriel Tortochot


Scène de vendanges au Domaine TortochotScène de vendanges au Domaine Tortochot 
Scènes de vendanges vers 1920


Notre histoire

Gabriel Tortochot

Gabriel Tortochot, fervent défenseur des vins de Bourgogne, notamment par son action à la présidence du "Syndicat Viticole de Gevrey-Chambertin" et son rôle au "Comité National de L'INAO", a transmis sa passion pour le terroir de Gevrey à ses enfants, Brigitte et Chantal.

Gabriel et Chantal Tortochot

Chantal Tortochot
Cette dernière, un diplome de Sup de Co Dijon en poche, a voulu voler de ses propres ailes. Pendant une quinzaine d'années, elle a exercé en tant que controleur de gestion auprès de différentes entreprises du milieu industriel Bourguignon. A l'age de 35 ans, elle a voulu changer d'orientation mais avant de revenir elle a conforté sa formation en obtenant un diplome de technicienne en oenologie, suivi d'une licence des Sciences de la Vigne obtenus à l'institut Jules Guyot (Université de bourgogne à Dijon). Elle appartient à cette nouvelle génération de viticulteurs souhaitant pratiquer une viticulture plus proche de la plante et réaliser des vins de terroir.

La famille aujourd'hui en 2019Chantal Tortochot 

Domaine Tortochot – Gevrey Chambertin at its traditional best!

It’s often been said that the “ouverture de la symphonie” starts in Gevrey Chambertin.

As the famous local winemaker and founder of the “Ordre of the Knights of Tastevin” (Ordre des Chevaliers du Tastevin) at the Clos de Vougeot castle, Camille Rodier once said: “Gevrey Chambertin alone can make great Burgundy possible!”.

Gevrey Chambertin has a rare and unique “Terroir”, thanks to the “alluvial fan” that comes from a valley situated just behind (to the west) of Gevrey called “La Combe de Lavaux”. This glacier melted many millions of years ago and spread the rich top and sub-soil layers out through what is now the town to the plaines beyond. It is not surprising to find that 9 of the 33 Grand Crus come from this village including the famous Chambertin as well as 26 Premier Crus!

The town also boasts over 100 wine estates! The Tortochot is one of the more famous estates and has been in the Tortochot family for 4 generations. In the 19th century Paul Tortochot was a modest “vigneron” on the “Place des Marroniers”. His son Félix married Louise Liébaut from Morey Saint Denis, the neighbouring village. The Liebauts were well known in the village, to such an extent that they even have a varietal of Pinot Noir named after them! Gabriel, the son of Félix has run the 12 hectare estate for many years before moving aside to let his two daughters, Brigitte & Chantal, take over. In fact it’s Chantal that runs the estate’s day-to-day activities.

Chantal is a graduate of the business school in Dijon and spent 15 years working for an American petrol company in the finance department real money slots. Her father, Gabriel, urged her to train in an alternative sector of industry and to get valuable experience before eventually deciding to take over the family estate. This is a habit that Chantal has passed on to her two children who are both studying medecine – Chantal’s husband is himself a docteur.

After years of working in a stress-fuelled “american environment”, Chantal believed it was time to move back to the family wine estate. At 35, she passed two important exams at the Dijon wine university, before taking control of the estate.

Chantal is one of a growing breed of “viticulteurs” in Burgundy. Bi-lingual and with valuable experience on the international stage, passionate, intelligent and with the in-bred ADN of a Gevrey winemaker. She has made it her primary battle to convert the estate into an “organic” one and will receive the official certification starting from the 2013 vintage. When talking to Chantal you realize just how knowledgable and passionate she is about her vineyards, the terroir and nature itself. “It’s very important to respect nature and to respect the vines in particular…”. Chantal is also an active member of the association “Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne” (women and wine in Burgundy), which showcases influent women in the wine industry in Burgundy.

Chantal admits that the last 4 harvests have not been the easiest, especially due to the bad weather, but she remains optimistic for the future. “We are blessed with having some of the best terroir in Burgundy. When the hills first formed hundreds of millions of years ago, the tectonic plates were displaced in such a way as to produce a unique sub-soil made up of different types of limestone and a perfect mixture of clay & marne.”

When talking about her style of Pinot Noirs, Chantal explains: “Here we make a more traditional Gevrey Chambertin, with lots of fruit, strong tannins and good acidity. These are not really Pinots that can be drunk early…you have to be a little patient.”

But there’s style in these wines. They have 4 village appellations of which one is from Morey Saint Denis. The Gevrey Chambertin “Les Corvées” is their experimental vineyard, where Chantal tries net cultivation technicals and non-chemical substances on her vines. She believes that the soil should be as natural as possible “We believe in making the natural ecosystem a priority”. Despite what some critics of organic wine say about the “fragile” health of the vines and the lack of quality in the wines, the Tortochot estate proves the contrary. The wines are both fruit-forward with strong but controlled tannins and the perfect touch of acidity, making even the younger wines full of balance.

The 1er Crus are fine examples of the terroir. The Lavaux Saint Jacques is a deep garnet colour with fine cherry and earthy aromas. The Champeaux is of a more fruity/floral style with notes of cherry and rose. This is a very elegant pinot with an impressively long finish. The Charmes has a spicy/fruity/smoky aromas with deep red fruit on the palate. The estate boasts four Grand Crus, three are in Gevrey – Charmes, Chambertin and probably the flagship GC, the excellent Mazis Chambertin with its rich fruit and licorice flavors, strong but elegant tannins and a great potential.  The estate also has a modest 7 rows of vines in the Clos de Vougeot GC vineyard producing dark berry aromas and underbrush nuances. Although a little on the tight side when young, this is a pinot to keep in your ellar for a few years. You won’t be dissappointed.

Altogether a charming and impressive estate with an equally charming and professional owner. This is what true Gevrey is all about!

Domaine Tortochot - 12 rue de l'Eglise - 21220 Gevrey-Chambertin - Tél. 03 80 34 30 68
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