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By Martin Hengel

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69 n. 1 below. , describes another kind of torture. Cf. Suidae Lexicon (Adler I I I , p. v. Kvfavcs: a slow death at the pillory similar to crucifixion. AORAVI £d/XEV(H rod Qavarov iraaav A T / A A V dvearavpovvro rod r c ^ o u ? avTiKpv). T i t u s felt pity f o r them, b u t as their n u m b e r - given as u p to five hundred a day - w a s too great for h i m t o risk either letting them go o r putting them u n d e r guard, he allowed his soldiers to have their w a y , especially as h e hoped that t h e gruesome sight o f t h e countless crosses might m o v e t h e besieged t o s u r r e n d e r : ' S o t h e soldiers, o u t of the rage and hatred they bore the prisoners, nailed those they caught, i n different postures, to the crosses, b y w a y of jest (7rpoarjXovv .

T h i s never existed, except in the mind of some interpreters. W h a t happened in Corinth can easily be explained in terms of the Hellenistic (and Jewish) milieu of this Greek port and metropolis. 1 0 Docetism as a way of removing the 'folly' of the cross 19 face of this Paul points out to the community which he founded that his preaching of the crucified messiah is a religious 'stumbling block' for the Jews and 'madness' for his Greek hearers, we are hearing in his confession not least the twenty-year experience of the greatest Christian missionary, who had often reaped no more than mockery and bitter rejection with his message of the Lord Jesus, who had died a criminal's death on the tree of shame.

25: 'by which he met a gruesome fate*. F o r Philo his crucifixion is the ultimate punish­ ment for his wicked life. 1 3 Crucifixion as a 'barbaric' form of execution of utmost cruelty 25 nailed him to planks and hung him there ( [ T r p o s ] aavihas irpooTTaaoaXevoavTes dveKpi/iaaav). ' We have very few more detailed descriptions, and they come only from Roman times: the passion narratives in the gospels are in fact the most detailed of all. No ancient writer wanted to dwell too long on this cruel procedure.

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