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Ever because the time period "crowdsourcing" used to be coined in 2006 by way of stressed author Jeff Howe, crew actions starting from the production of the Oxford English Dictionary to the selecting of recent shades for M&Ms were categorized with this such a lot buzz-generating of media buzzwords. during this obtainable yet authoritative account, grounded within the empirical literature, Daren Brabham explains what crowdsourcing is, what it's not, and how Read more...

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That is, Solvers on the margins of a disciplinary domain—outsiders to a given problem’s domain of specialty—performed better at solving the problem. The Goldcorp Challenge was a similar scientific crowdsourcing case. Goldcorp, a Canadian gold mining company, developed the Challenge in March 2000. ” The numerous solutions from the crowd confirmed many of Goldcorp’s suspected deposits and identified several new ones for a total of 110 deposits. Crowdsourcing may also help scientists refine their research projects by relying on crowds to identify variables for modeling various attitudes and behaviors toward any number of health or prosocial topics.

The microlevel concerns the psychological, cognitive, and behavioral factors, including perceived levels of trust and attention, that enable individuals to engage in collective intelligence. The macrolevel of abstraction in collective-intelligence research focuses on the performance of systems. James Surowiecki calls this phenomenon the “wisdom of crowds,” where, under the right conditions, groups of people can outperform even the best individuals or experts. Surowiecki claims that the wisdom of crowds is based on the independence of individuals in a group, the diversity of the group, and the aggregation of their individual outputs rather than the averaging of their collective work.

A traditional clothing or consumer goods company develops prototypes for new products based on extensive market analysis, countless brainstorming sessions with product designers, a series of focus groups and product tests, and a long process of refinement. The up-front investment for traditional companies is enormous, presumably to minimize the risk of a producing product that fails in the marketplace after it is mass produced. Crowdsourcing companies like Threadless rely on consumers to come Concepts, Theories, and Cases of Crowdsourcing 25 up with product ideas, to vet those product ideas through essentially an ongoing process of peer review and refinement, and to indicate their willingness to purchase the end result, all before Threadless commits to printing even one shirt.

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