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By Kimberla Lawson Roby

From the New York Times bestselling writer who "writes with high-octane degrees of emotion" (USA Today).

Befriending Traci Calloway Cole is the easiest factor Simone Phillips has ever performed. Traci is the type of lady Simone desires to be-in each approach attainable. She starts off copying her function version. no longer simply because she desires to be Traci. She simply desires to be precisely like Traci.

Traci does not fear, even though. She is aware Simone doesn't suggest any damage and that her mimicry is just honest admiration. till she discovers how a ways Simone's obsession has gone.

It is then that Simone's whole international starts off unraveling, and dreadful secrets and techniques from her previous are uncovered without caution. secrets and techniques that she'll do nearly whatever to protect.

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