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By Bernard Farber

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In h i s discussion of consanguineous m arri ages , [ Gratian] argued that such marri ages were no longer permitted because purity of b lood no longer served as the foundati on of the community ( Chodorow , 1 972, p. 74) . As Grati an sugge sted , the c onc eption of community in the 1 2th century seems to have involved the idea that mechanisms more inclusive than kinship are req u i red to cement relationshi ps in society . Between the ninth and the 1 3th century , E u rope had un d ergon e profound changes .

In contrast to users of gradient models , those scholars w ho apply a cate­ gorical conception of social space take as a starting point an initial state of conflict among collectivities--a battle of group against group . In his work on kins hip , for example, Levi -Strauss begins with an original state of hordes in confl ict and proposes that social structures greater than the nuclear family e merged as a result of the incest taboo and of the rec iprocities developed and elaborated between groups through marital exchange .

1066) . The assumpt i ons made by Edward Shils ( 1 975) about the nature o f society constitute a coherent statement about the ex i stence of a gradient , extend ing from core to periphery , as expressing a basic dimension in social life . For S hil s , i t i s the length of the gradient that describes the degree of integration of the society : the longer the gradient, the greater is that chance that new centers will emerge , which will , in tum , ac t to increase the size of the gradient further .

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