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6). The same results can be achieved if the gate is feeded with each computational basis state individually and the results are 22 QUANTUM COMPUTING BASICS added together. 6)) the applicability of the superposition principle. We close this subsection with some useful definitions. A quantum network or quantum circuit is a quantum-computing device consisting of quantum logic gates whose computational steps are synchronized in time. The outputs of some of the gates are connected by wires to the inputs of others.

If the system (photon) is in state |0 then it flies to a white flower causing the universe to ENTANGLEMENT 31 change to |Ω0 else it lands on a red flower resulting in the environment in state |Ω1 . This simple rule can be described more precisely, namely |0 |Ω → |0 |Ω0 , |1 |Ω → |1 |Ω1 . Therefore the butterfly changes |ϕ2 to |ϕ2 = |ϕ2 = ejα0 |0 |Ω0 + ejα1 |1 |Ω1 √ . 2 The second Hadamard gate makes the two paths interfered |0 −|1 |Ω0 + ejα1 √2 |Ω1 √ 2 jα0 jα1 ejα0 |Ω0 − ejα1 |Ω1 e |Ω0 + e |Ω1 + |1 = |0 2 2 α −α α −α j 02 1 −j 0 2 1 α0 +α1 |Ω0 + e |Ω1 e = ej 2 |0 2 |ϕ3 = ejα0 |0 √+|1 2 + |1 ej α0 −α1 2 |ϕ3 = |0 ej |Ω0 + e−j 2 ∆α 2 α0 −α1 2 |Ω1 .

Typically Neumann was the fastest. 2 As an interesting 4 MOTIVATIONS Electrons per device 10 4 4M 16M 10 3 64M Transistors per chip 256M 1G 10 2 4G 10 16G 1 100 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016 2020 Year Fig. 2 Moore’s law will have to face serious problems if this trend cannot be maintained. One thing is sure, however, the closer we are to the one-electron transistor (see Fig. 2) disturbing quantum effects will appear more often and stronger. Hence either we manage to find a new way of miniaturization or we have to learn how to exploit the difficulties and strangeness of quantum mechanics.

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