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Das Handbuch aCompendium Linguarum Iranicarumo stellt alle derzeit bekannten iranischen Sprachen in einem Band in knapper Darstellung und fur die tagliche Arbeit des Benutzers handlich und bequem vor. Den internationalen Mitarbeitern, deren Beitrage in deutscher, englischer oder franzosischer Sprache verfasst sind, geht es um eine kritische Wurdigung des derzeitigen Forschungsstandes, der sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten aufgrund neuer Erkenntnisse und differenzierterer sprachwissenschaftlicher Methoden stark verandert hat. Vorwort und Einleitung behandeln theoretische bzw. sprachliche Grundlagen. In drei grossen Abschnitten werden die altiranische, die mitteliranische und die neuiranische Periode dargelegt und mit Uberblicksartikeln eingeleitet, wobei die modernen Sprachen den grossten Umfang einnehmen.

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C. F. P. Stutterheim, Het begrip metaphoor (Amsterdam, 1941). Generating polysemy: Metaphor and metonymy Renate Bartsch Abstract In this paper I want to show why metaphor and metonymy are, on the one hand, two distinct types of generating new meanings for existing expressions, and why, on the other hand, there are many cases which can either be viewed as metaphor or as metonymy, without the one way of understanding excluding the other. After having given a general characterisation of metaphoric and metonymic concept formation as part of the general method of concept formation, I shall show how two different kinds of perspective change are involved in the metaphoric and in the metonymic process, respectively.

Since the similarity disorder is bound up with the metonymical bent, an examination of the literary manner Uspenskij had employed as a young writer takes on particular interest. And the study of Anatolij Kamegulov, who analysed 183ff; T. Parsons and R. F. Bales, Family, Socialisation and Interaction Process (Glencoe, 1955), 119f. 46 Roman Jakobson Uspenskij's style, bears out our theoretical expectations. " 5 To be sure, the metonymical style in Uspenskij is obviously prompted by the prevailing literary canon of his time, late nineteenthcentury 'realism;' but the personal stamp of Gleb Ivanovic made his pen particularly suitable for this artistic trend in its extreme manifestations and finally left its mark upon the verbal aspect of his mental illness.

The perceptual sense consists of a reduced relative (1 see what (=the thing that) you want), while the mental sense of see as 'understand' requires an embedded interrogative (1 see what you want (=what it is you want). The strength of the approach in terms of primary scenes and subscenes further resides in the fact that it accounts not only for metaphoric mappings and their acquisition, but also for the non- Introduction 35 metaphoric phenomena involving children's preferred interpretations of adjunct PPs.

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