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Sri Aurobindo, in his dramas, exhibits very pointedly, by means of the exertions he has spent on personalities and events set in various climes and a while that, despitebeing a yogi and a thinker, he by no means shies clear of the contact or take hold of ofman as he's. He refuses not anything, he's taking each probability to grab onmulti-coloured lifestyles and, inside of concerns mundane and alongside roads of day-to-dayhistory, he renders noticeable the correct, the top purpose attainable to whatevermay be the advanced of situations, the maze of hope and ambition andvocation.

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Act II, Scene 1 37 Who blames me? I do this to reform my cousin, Gravely, deliberately, with serious thought, And am quite virtuously disobedient. I almost feel a long white beard upon my chin, The thing’s so wise and sober. Gravely, gravely! She marches out, solemnly stroking an imaginary beard. ANICE My heart beats reassuringly within. The destined Prince will come and all bad spells Be broken; then — You angels up in Heaven Who guard sweet shame and woman’s modesty, Hide deep your searching eyes with those bright wings.

NUREDDENE It is the star of Anice, The star of Anice-aljalice who came From Persia guided by its silver beams Into these arms of vagrant Nureddene Which keep her till the end. Sweet, I possess you! Till now I could not patently believe it. Strange, strange that I who nothing have deserved, Should win what all would covet! We are fools Who reach at baubles taking them for stars. Act II, Scene 3 51 O wiser woman who come straight to Heaven! But I have wandered by the way and staled The freshness of delight with gadding pleasures, Anticipated Love’s perfect fruit with sour And random berries void of real savour.

DOONYA Yes, that was Nureddene. 36 The Viziers of Bassora ANICE You’ll help me? DOONYA Yes, With all my heart and soul and brains and body. But how? My uncle’s orders are so strict! ANICE And do you always heed your uncle’s orders, You dutiful niece? DOONYA Rigidly, when they suit me. It shall be done although my punishment Were even to wed Fareed. But who can say When he’ll come home? ANICE Comes he not daily then? DOONYA When he’s not hawking. Questing, child, for doves, White doves. ANICE I’ll stop all that when he is mine.

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