Alberto de Mingo Kaminouchi's But It Is Not So Among You: Echoes of Power in Mark 10.32-45 PDF

By Alberto de Mingo Kaminouchi

Power is an argument that's attracting elevated curiosity between philosophers, theologians and social scientists. The gospel of Mark, specifically in 10:32-45, includes teachings attributed to Jesus in regards to the use and abuse of strength. This e-book applies a mixture of alternative equipment and techniques: generally orality, feedback, literary feedback and a sensitivity for the social and cultural setting of the textual content, exhibiting the centrality of Jesus's message at the factor of energy either for the plot and for the theology of Mark. This message is a decision to perform management in a manner that's subversive towards the networks of strength of the empire.

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41), who had asked for seats of honor in Jesus' glory (vv. 35-40). In turn, the conversation between the sons of Zebedee and Jesus is built to make a contrast with the Passion announcement (vv. 32-34). The dynamics of this section clearly flow to a climax in vv. 42-45. The third Passion announcement sets the tone for this section: Jesus is going up to Jerusalem to accomplish his mission as Son of Man, dying there on a cross. This tragic background makes the sons of Zebedee's petition for seats of honor an even more dramatic failure in understanding their teacher's destiny, and the unrest of the other disciples reveals that these two disciples were not the only ones who desired power and honor.

34) provoking a pedagogical intervention by Jesus. After the third prediction, it is John and James who take the wrong initiative. Scholars, especially the redaction critics, have wondered about the Evangelist's purpose in introducing this motif in his Gospel. Why does Mark insist on portraying the disciples as slow to grasp what Jesus is teaching them? 72 Those scholars who propose & polemic function to the motif assume a double opposition: an opposition at the narrative level between the implied author and reader on one side and the characters of the disciples on the other, and an opposition at the historical level between the real Evangelist and a concrete group of deviant Christians within the Early Church.

227-40; and NJBC, pp. 1057-1058. 49 The Enochic Son of Man is, however, a development of the Danielic figure: in the Similitudes of Enoch we find clear allusions to Dan. 50 There is in the scholarly community 'a basic agreement that the Son of Man imagery in the Similitudes depends in some way upon Dan. 1 as one 'whose face had the appearance of a man'. '; along the next passages further features of the Son of Man are revealed. Certainly, this is not the way in which a wellknown character would be introduced.

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