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By Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon

ISBN-10: 0671721100

ISBN-13: 9780671721107

Trying to make their fortunes in human society, the elves of the underworld contain themselves in inventory motor vehicle racing, baby pornography, and worse, and 3 runaway youngsters locate themselves in a heap of difficulty. Reissue.

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Canfield did not take offense at what should have been considered a very personal question. "Went after 'em. We was fightin' and she'd already called the bastard; he showed up and she jumped in. Caught up to 'em. Have this old 'Cuda, hot as hell . " Tannim was the focus of Canfield's attention again; he felt the hot glare of Ross's stare. " Canfield asked. He isn't going to like this. "You had a Barracuda. I'm sorry, Ross, but . . " Ross Canfield looked pale for a moment, then his glow pulsed cherry red and his face began to twist into anger.

It smoldered, but didn't set fire to the grass it landed in. The energy field around Ross Canfield crackled like a miniature thunderstorm, apparently invisible to him. " Tannim pointed at the Mustang, and at the man still sitting on the hood. " Ross took a deep breath, stooped to pick up his cigarette, and returned it in his mouth. Here's where it hits. I can handle it; he's not too powerful . . I hope. Tannim built up his defenses, preparing for a mental scream of rage. . Or worse. Sometimes they don't just blame the messenger, they kill the messenger.

Assuming of course, the check didn't bounce. But planning ahead in case things did go wrong was what had made Sam one of the best in his field. "Or so I like to tell myself," he said aloud, smiling at his own conceit. The doorbell rang, and Sam reached automatically for the modified TV remote-control that, through the intervention of an old Commodore microcomputer, handled gadgets throughout the house. The poor old thing was useless even as a game machine these days, but it was perfectly adequate to mute the radio—or take pictures of the young man and his car before Sam even reached the door.

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