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This quantity brings jointly result of study through anthropologists at the social lifetime of those who was labelled 'part-Aborigines' or 'urban Aborigines'. concerns mentioned comprise bases of identification, ties of relatives, constitution of group, methods of talking, ideals and emotions approximately state, and attitudes to the previous.

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The family still often assists its sick, old, disabled or unemployed members. (iv) Regularising sexual conduct There is still strong religious and some social pressure persuading people that sexual relationships should be restricted to husband and wife. There is also a social taboo and legal sanctions prohibiting incest (sexual relationships between siblings; parents and their children; other close relatives). ( v) Socialisation of Children 'Marriage is the licensing not of sexual intercourse, but of parenthood'.

Keep your objective clearly in mind and do not deviate too far in an unstructured situation. Guarantee anonymity if appropriate. Most surveys are of groups too large for everyone to be questioned individually. It is necessary to select, or 'sample', some individuals for questioning rather than others, so that the numbers are large enough to fairly represent the group but also to be reasonably easy and economic to handle. The normal way to carry out surveys is now based on random sampling techniques.

Vi) Companionship People live longer, and have more holidays and shorter working hours than in the past. Despite shift work and compulsory education, husband, wife and children are likely to spend much more time together - in the home (perhaps watching TV); in the family car (now owned by the majority); on holiday (75 per cent of manual workers now receive four weeks or more annually, compared with less than 1 per cent in 1970). (b) Social Control The family is one of the agencies in a society which controls the way people behave.

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