Mohamed Sami Anwar's Be and Equational Sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic PDF

By Mohamed Sami Anwar

ISBN-10: 9027230013

ISBN-13: 9789027230010

The quantity makes an attempt to accommodate equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and their distant constitution. during this special monograph Mohamed Sami Anwar oes to teach that equational sentences in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic are derived from underlying sentences that experience transitive or intransitive verbs and that the verb be in its overt shape is barely a annoying marker. The bankruptcy following the creation offers with the equational sentences functioning as conveyers of stative principles. The 3rd bankruptcy bargains with the verb be in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and the way it features in simple terms as a demanding marker. The fourth bankruptcy is an research of decision as regards the topic and why often times the predicate, on the floor constitution, has to take place sooner than the topic. the ultimate bankruptcy offers with the predicate slot and its varieties of fillers, and analyzes additionally the distant constitution of the equational sentences to interpret the phenomenon of the presence and shortage of contract in quantity and gender among the topic and the predicate.

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It is grammatical to say: (48) a. fīh filfașl tilmīz wāḥid. there in the class student one. ' or b. fīh tilmīz wahid filfașl. ] ones. ahsan mudarris inglīzi ʕandu ʕarabiyya. I can say: illi sākin hina best teacher English who living here has a car. ' But I cannot say: (50) * mudarris illi sākin hina ʕandu ʕrba. il- mudarrisīn 'teachers', 'the': etc. walad 'boy', kursi 'chair', With these subjects the use of fīh 'there' is obligatory: (51) fīh mudarrisīn 'there kuwayyisīn. ' Without fīh, the construction: (52) mudarrīsīn kuwayyisīn.

Asya; nafs ilʕirā? amrīka. ' Another problem with the definite article used with proper nouns is that it obeys the rules of possession construction formation in ECA. Possession constructions 52 THE VERB "BE" IN EGYPTIAN COLLOQUIAL ARABIC may have the following surface structure: The noun to the left is the thing possessed and it has to be indefinite. The NP to the right is the possessor. For example, I can say: (27) kitāb ilwalad. a book the boy. ' or (28) k i t ā b walad. a book a boy. ' when the proper nouns with the definite article are used as the left noun in this possession construction, the def­ inite article has to be deleted.

It is worth noting here that in some of these sentences a full verb can be used instead of the verb be . a in sentence yitxarrag (96), the full verbs yištagal 'to graduate', yitwaẓẓaf 'become' 'to work', 'to be employed (as)' can be used. (97) a. huwwa ʕāwiz yištagal mudarris. 'he wants to work (as) a t e a c h e r . ' b. huwwa ʕāwiz yitxarrag 'he wants to graduate c. huwwa ʕāwiz yitwaẓẓaf mudarris. ' mudarris. a nation forms a problem. 'be' in cases of subordi­ Let us consider the following sentences : (99) biPizn illāh yukūn mawgūd bukra.

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