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1 969. The Handbook of Social Psychology, volume 2, Research Methods. Reading: Addison-Wesley. Ma, Roxana and Herasimchuk, Eleanor, 1 97 1 . 'The linguistic dimensions of a bilingual neighborhood' . , et al. Bilingualism in the Barrio. Bloomington: Research Center for the Language Sciences, Indiana University. Macnamara, John, 1 966. Bilingualism and Primary Education: a Study of Irish Experience. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Moser, C. , 1 958. Survey Methods in Social Investigation.

Step 4: But his literal utterance was not one of these, and so was not a relevant response (inference from Steps 1 and 3). Step 5: Therefore, he probably means more than he says. Assuming that his remark is relevant, his primary illocutionary point must differ from his literal one (inference from Steps 2 and 4). �tep 6: I know that studying for an exam normally takes a large amount of time relative to a single evening, and I know that going to the movies normally takes a large amount of time relative to a single evening (factual background information).

The answer, fourth floor, contained two examples of postvocalic (r), one before a consonant and the other at the end of a word. He asked each respondent twice, the first time casually and the second time as if to suggest that he had not heard the first reply. Thus from most respondents, Labov obtained four examples of post­ vocalic (r) , two casually produced, in response to the first query, and two emphatically produced, in response to the second. As Labov points out, a customer's request for directions is such a familiar occurrence that the en­ counter barely enters the consciousness of the employee, who can scarcely have realized that he or she was a subject in an investigation.

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