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By David Paul Whistler, Xiaoming Wang, Lawrence G Barnes

ISBN-10: 1891276271

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Of small (250–620 micrometers) nauplii with a vaulted and ornamented cephalic shield, sometimes with complex honeycomb patterns, followed by a relatively long and ornamented trunk region. The intriguing possibility that these planktonic forms may be larval tantulocaridans (which would result in tantulocaridans being classified under the Facetotecta) has also been suggested (M. Grygier and W. Newman, pers. ), based in part on the fact that there are still gaps in the known life cycle of tantulocarids following the work of Boxshall and Lincoln (1987) and Huys et al.

Ho (1994b) discussed cyclopoid phylogeny (based on cladistic analysis of the 10 families known at that time) and concluded that parasitism had arisen twice in the group. Papers describing new harpacticoid taxa (or elevating former subfamilies) include Huys (1990a, Adenopleurellidae; 1990b, Hamondiidae, Ambunguipedidae; 1990c, Cristacoxidae, Orthopsyllidae), Por (1986, Argestidae, Huntemanniidae, Paranannopidae [revised by Huys and Gee, 1996], Rhizothricidae [splitting the polyphyletic Cletodidae]), Fiers (1990, Cancrincolidae), Huys and Willems (1989, Laophontopsidae, Normanellidae; see also Huys and Lee, 1999), Huys and Iliffe (1998, Novocriniidae), Huys (1988, Rotundiclipeidae), Huys (1993, Styracothoracidae), and Huys (1997, Superornatiremidae).

The family Bonaducecytheridae McKenzie has been removed (R. Maddocks, pers. ). The superfamily Terrestricytherioidea and its sole family, the Terrestricytheridae, have been removed; Martens et al. (1998), citing Danielopol and Betsch (1980), note that Terrestricypris is a modified member of the Candonidae (the spelling of which has been corrected from Candoniidae; R. Maddocks, pers. ). The suborder Metacopina now contains only fossils and thus has been removed from our classification, as the Darwinulocopina has now been established by Sohn (1988) to accommodate the fam- 30 Ⅵ Contributions in Science, Number 39 ily Darwinulidae (A.

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