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By Paul Wallace

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This is often the first-ever, really international, indepth examine the big results of the demographic rolllercoaster and what it skill for employment, investments, new enterprise improvement, advertising and the commercial strength map of the area.

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Japanese life expectancy at birth rose by over three years a decade from the early 1960s to the start of the 1990s. But from 2000 on, it is projected to increase by under a year a decade. Elastic lifespans These downbeat projections arise partly because of official caution about the sustainability of recent improvements in life expectancy among older people, which owe much to rapid reductions in heart and circulatory diseases. But they also reflect the influential view that there is a fixed limit to average human lifespans.

22 The elation was premature. The breakthrough was in tissue culture in the laboratory and in any case, cellular senescence is only one factor in ageing. The potential of the research into telomerase, which is present in most human tumors, may well lie in cancer therapy, both in diagnostics and in compounds that inhibit its activity. 23 It is a battle that promises not just longer life but better life. For those worrying about what ageing will do to their brains, Dr Varmus of the NIH had this message: `we are at the dawn of the golden age of neuroscience'.

2 The future that's happened ON 4 AUGUST 1997, JEANNE CALMENT DIED IN ARLES, THE CITY IN Provence where Vincent Van Gogh painted some of his most exceptional pictures, like Starry Night. Unlike Van Gogh, there was nothing exceptional about Jeanne Calment – except her age. She lived to 122, the longest life ever reliably recorded. Stop a moment and think about that long stretch of human history. Jeanne Calment was born on 21 February 1875, just four years after l'année terrible when France was crushed by the Prussian juggernaut and a year after the first Impressionist exhibition.

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