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By Craig S. Keener

ISBN-10: 0801048362

ISBN-13: 9780801048364

Hugely revered New testomony pupil Craig Keener is understood for his meticulous and accomplished study. This remark on Acts, his magnum opus, could be the greatest and such a lot completely documented Acts remark to be had. beneficial not just for the research of Acts but additionally early Christianity, this paintings units Acts in its first-century context.

In this quantity, the second one of 4, Keener keeps his special exegesis of Acts, using an unprecedented variety of historic assets and delivering a wealth of unpolluted insights. This magisterial remark may be a useful source for brand new testomony professors and scholars, pastors, Acts students, and libraries.

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Ant. rom. Demosth. Din. Epid. Isaeus Isoc. Lit. Comp. Lysias Pomp. Thuc. Epict. Diatr. Encheir. Epicurus Let. Men. Euhemerus Sacr. Hist. Eunapius Lives Eurip. Alc. -]Diogenes Epistle Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers Dionysius of Halicarnassus 1–2 Epistle to Ammaeus On Ancient Orators Antiquitates romanae/Roman Antiquities Demosthenes Dinarchus On Epideictic Speeches Isaeus Isocrates Literary Composition Lysias Letter to Gnaeus Pompeius Thucydides Epictetus Diatribai Encheiridion Epicurus Letter to Menoeceus Euhemerus Sacred History Eunapius Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists Euripides Alcestis Andr.

Prot. Rep. Soph. Symp. Theaet. Theag. Tim. Plaut. Bacch. Clitophon Cratylus Epistles Epinomis Gorgias Hippias major Hippias minor Hipparchus Laches Laws Menexenus Parmenides Phaedo Phaedrus Philebus Politicus/Statesman Protagoras Republic Sophist Symposium Theaetetus Theages Timaeus Plautus Bacchides Dithyrambs Isthmian Odes Nemean Odes Olympian Odes Pythian Odes Alcibiades (1–2) Apology Charmides Cas. Men. Miles glor. Most. Rud. Truc. Pliny Ep. Panegyr. Pliny E. H. Plot. Enn. Plut. Adv. K. Well Aem.

Persians Prom. Prometheus Bound Seven Seven against Thebes Suppl. Suppliant Women Alciph. Alciphron Court. Courtesans Ep. Epistulae/Letters Farm. Farmers Fish. Fishermen Paras. Parasites Amm. Marc. Ammianus Marcellinus Res gestae Anacharsis Ep. ]-Anacharsis Epistles Andocides Myst. Andocides De mysteriis Ant. Diog. Thule Antonius Diogenes Wonders beyond Thule Antiph. Her. Antiphon Murder of Herodes Ap. Rhod. Apollonius of Rhodes Argonautica Aphth. Progymn. Apoll. K. Tyre Apollod. Bib. Epit. Appian Bell.

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