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The same men who stood fire in open field with perfect coolness, on the late expedition, have come to me blubbering in the most irresistibly ludicrous manner on being transferred from one company in the regiment to another. In noticing the squad-drills I perceive that the men learn less laboriously than whites that "double, double, toil and trouble," which is the elementary vexation of the drill-master, that they more rarely mistake their left for their right, and are more grave and sedate while under instruction.

I forgot to say, that, in the midst of the services, it was an nounced that General Fremont was appointed Commander-inan announcement which was received with immense Ghief, cheering, as would have been almost anything else, I verily be lieve, at that moment of high tide. It was shouted across by the a way in which we often receive news, but not pickets above, always trustworthy. January 3, 1863. Once, and once only, thus far, the water has frozen in my tent; and the next morning showed a dense white frost outside.

And all this without any urging or any promised reward, but simply as the most natural way of doing the thing. The steamboat captain declared that they unloaded the ten thousand feet of boards quicker than any white gang could have done it; and they felt it so little, that, when, later in the night, I reproached one whom I found sitting by a campfire, cooking a surreptitious opossum, telling him that he ought to be asleep after such a job of work, he answered, with the broadest grin 11 "Q no, Gunnel, da enough for stretch s no work at all, Gunnel; dat only jess we" December 2, 1862.

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