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By Ivan Illich, Barry Sanders

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In ABC... thinker and cultural analyst Ivan Illich and medieval pupil and literary critic Barry Sanders have produced an unique, meticulous and provocative examine of the arrival, unfold and current decline of literacy. They discover he influence of the alphabet on primary proposal strategies and attitudes, on reminiscence, on political groupings and religous and cultural expectancies. Their exam of the current erosion of literacy within the new technological languages of 'newspeak' and 'uniquack' they usually indicate how new attitudes to language are changing our international view our feel of self and of neighborhood.

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Ellis; Müller; Springborg; Frankfurter; Wiedemann; Wilkinson) Tayet The Old Kingdom goddess of weaving, Tayet was considered the king’s mother because she wove his clothes as well as the bandages in which his body was mummified. (Lesko; Wilkinson) Tefnut Named for the dew, this goddess was associated with the mountains of the dawn. She was the first female being, one of a pair of twins spat out by the male god Atum. As a divinity of death, she represented the moist atmosphere of the lower world.

Set killed and dismembered Osiris. This proved too much for Nephthys, who left Set to join her sister’s lamentations and restore Osiris to life. (EL; Faulkner; Lichtheim 1980; Müller; Brenner) Nut First daughter of Tefnut, the sky goddess Nut lay across the body of her brother, Geb the earth, holding him in constant intercourse. But the god Ra dis­approved and commanded Shu, their father, to separate his children. Shu hoisted Nut into a great arch, but he was forced to remain forever holding them apart, supporting Nut’s belly.

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