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By Christopher Stasheff

ISBN-10: 0812536495

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The medieval planet of Maltroit seems repeating Earth's bloody background within the worst attainable demeanour. it really is as much as the Rogue Wizard to provide the downtrodden a crash path in democracy, so ahead of you could say "Magna Carta," he is bent the process historical past by means of educating the nobles the rudiments of democracy, and education the peasants within the fundamentals of radical politics.

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He kept the movement going, though, bringing it down hard to his right, stabbing into the shoulder of his attacker just as the man was starting a strike of his own. The soldier dropped his spear with a yell of pain, and Coll fell to one knee, ducking under the stroke from his right, feeling the blade graze his cheek, waking pain, but he came up to stab from below at the man in front. His spearhead found blood; then his shoulder struck the man's midriff, carrying the soldier into the spear of the one behind him.

The sentries told the captain of the guard, and the captain sent out two riders to see what the donkey carried. When they saw, one stayed trying to revive the herald before bringing him in, while the other rode back with the news. The young king himself came down to see the herald as he rode through the gate. Black eyebrows drew down in anger as he looked at the man's bruises, at the dried blood in the welts on his back. The herald managed to raise his head enough to croak, "Majesty ... Earl Insol says .

Coll hadn't thought of that. " Gar drew a polished circle of metal from his saddlebag. " Coll looked at the circle, and saw a face looking back. He stared in shock-it looked very little like the face he had seen staring back from the still pool only a month before! It was hardened, scarred-and topped with brown hair! He looked up at Gar wide-eyed. " "Hair dye," Gar explained, "though it does look a little odd with that yellow beard. " The serf stared up at him. ' " Dirk unfolded a strange, squareended blade from its hollow wooden handle.

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