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By Jonathan Daniel Wells

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The Civil battle is likely one of the so much defining eras of yankee historical past, and masses has been written on each element of the battle. the quantity of fabric on hand is daunting, specially whilst a scholar is making an attempt to understand the final topics of the period.

Jonathan Wells has distilled the battle down into comprehensible, easy-to-read sections, with lots of maps and illustrations, to assist make feel of the battles and social, political, and cultural alterations of the period. awarded this is details on:

  • the domestic front
  • the battles, either within the East and the West
  • the prestige of slaves
  • women’s function within the warfare and its aftermath
  • literature and public life
  • international facets of the war
  • and a lot more!

Students also will locate priceless research aids at the significant other site for the publication. A residence Divided presents a brief, readable survey of the Civil struggle and the Reconstruction interval later on, focusing not just at the battles, yet on how americans lived in the course of a time of significant upheaval within the country’s background, and what that legacy has intended to the rustic today.

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How were sectional crises, such as the dispute over Missouri’s admission into the Union, resolved? In what ways were the antebellum North and South distinctive? In what ways were they similar? Are there sectional differences today? The Old South is often depicted as monolithic, but historians have identified numerous divisions within the region. Discuss some of the ways in which the region was divided with regard to geography, class, and other factors. qxd 24/10/11 15:50 Page 25 SLAVERY AND LONG-TERM ROOTS OF THE CIVIL WAR Developing Critical Thinking Skills ■ Was the United States Constitution drafted in 1787 a “proslavery” document as William Lloyd Garrison and many other abolitionists argued?

Polk supported the annexation of Texas, and the former republic became a state near the end of 1845. ” But antislavery northerners were unable to prevent the admission of Texas. The controversy over Texas is important to the coming of the Civil War for a number of reasons. First, westward territorial expansion sparked a fierce political battle between pro- and antislavery forces. White southerners wanted the western territories and any new states admitted from them to be open to slavery. In the minds of many slaveholders, bondage needed to expand to endure, and the wide-open spaces of the West seemed to them to be ideally suited to plantation agriculture.

The day-to-day running of the plantation most often fell into the hands of an overseer, who was responsible for assigning work schedules and maintaining discipline among the slaves. Usually overseers were white, but it was not uncommon to have trusted slaves serve in this role as well. The overseers, often guilty of the worst abuses, had great power to direct and punish slaves. Court records abound with examples of cruel punishments, maiming, and sexual abuse by overseers. Despite modern misperceptions about the nature of slave ownership in the South, relatively few white southerners owned slaves and very few could have been classified as “planters” with twenty or more slaves.

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