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By Akira Hirakawa

ISBN-10: 0824812034

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The current quantity is a translation of the 1st of Hirakawa's two-volume background. It
covers the interval from Sakyamuni* Buddha to Early Mahayana* prior to Nagarjuna*
and comprises the sessions on which Hirakawa did so much of his personal previous study. From
1960 to 1968, he released 3 very important experiences on Buddhist associations: Ritsuzo* no
kenkyu* (A research of the Vinaya-pitaka*), Genshi Bukkyo* no kenkyu (A examine of Early
Buddhism), and Shoki Daijo* Bukkyo no kenkyu (Studies in Early Mahayana Buddhism).
These stories, all popping out of his curiosity within the vinaya, validated his mastery of
Indian Buddhist institutional heritage. This learn used to be quite vital in his
formulation of a brand new conception of the increase of Mahayana *. through targeting the necessity to identify
an institutional base from which Mahayana arose, Hirakawa argued that stupa* worship
and the formula of Mahayana units of precepts supplied vital facts for the
development of Mahayana Buddhism.

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T h e wisdom p ro d u c e d th ro u g h them w as not a mystical form o f in tu itio n . R a th e r , it allowed a p erson lo see things as th ey actually are in a ratio n al a n d free m a n n e r . W ith that w isdom , the p ra c titio n e r could know tr u th an d firmly a d h ere to th at tru th . W h e n he coutd not He shaken o r m oved from th at ir u lh by fear, p ain , o r passions, he h a d realized e n lig h te n ­ m en t. Because the m in d h a d been freed from th e fetters o f the defile­ m en ts a n d passions, this stale was called “ e m a n c ip a tio n " o r “ salv a­ tio n ” (rnoiaa, vimokfa, vimukti).

W h e n he g rew in be a y o u n g man* ht- m a rrie d Y asodharit; ihey hud a su n . R a h u la . Sfikyamuiii was deeply d istu rb e d , however* by exis4m iiiil prohltriTiii co n cern in g th<1 m ean in g o r life. W h t n he was twenly* n in e yeEirs old (a c c o rd in g lo v arian t areo u n is, he was n in e te e n n r thirtyo n e ), h e left ins family to becom e a w a n d e rin g m e n d ic a n t, S lk y a m u m seem s to hav e h a d a co n tem p lativ e n a tu re . Even before h e left his family, lie had o nce b eg un to m e d ita te Without a n y effort or p r e p a ra tio n a n d had atiained ihe First 'IVance as he was sitting u n d e r a tree w atch in g his lather, the king, plowing a n e a rb y field as p a n o f a religious c e r e m o n y S a k y a m u n i is ai&u said to hav e noticed the birds e a t' ing the w o rm s tu rn e d up by th e [slowing a n d to hav e been profoundly m oved by the w ay in w hich living c re a tu re s all h a rm e d each other.

W ith the renew ed streng th from [he food, S ak y am u n i built a seat u n d e r a n asvattha tree, co m m en ced m e d ita tin g , a n d finally attain ed su p rem e en lig h ten m en t (abhi$ambodhi)t th ereb y b eco m in g a B u d d h a (en ligh ten ed b rin g ). T h e ahattka tree, a rype o f fig tree, b r e r b ecam e know n as the bodhi (en lig h ten m en tj-tree , T h e site was called B u d d h a gaya; a slufta was later erected th e re a n d it b ecam e a m a jo r pilgrim ag e site for Buddhists.

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